Guestbook - Hotel Bergsonne


”The brilliant idea of ​​the initiator Urban Frye to open  hotel for music students and guests in the most beautiful location on the Rigi is tempting in itself. The view of Lake Lucerne from the windows of the guest rooms is stunning. A special experience for us as guests was that you were not served by anonymous service staff during the day and during meals, but by charming and committed musicians. The team leader Claudia deserves great praise for ensuring that the complex hotel business ran smoothly. Every evening the students were assigned to tasks that were unfamiliar to them, such as croom service, kitchen help, lingerie and guest service, which enabled them to earn a welcome income. They had to devote about 4 hours a day to this, in the remaining time they could practice and relax in different formations and rooms. As a hotel guest, you were wrapped in a fluctuating sound carpet during the day and, as a music lover, you could also easily chat with the musicians. After a hike in this diverse mountain world, we felt at home when we returned to the Klanghotel.

The highlight of the day are the evening concerts in small chamber music formations. Here the professional skills of the individual players were shown. The “spontaneous” encores, in which all the musicians really appeared together, were particularly creative. The tuba player and musical all-rounder (piano, tuba and vocals) arranged well-known wedding melodies for the unusual line-up: 3 flutes, 2 bassoons, horn and tuba, violin, double bass and piano for 6 hands. Thanks to the use of computer music software, every musician had a transposed, print-ready sheet of music that was matched to his instrument. The musical evening program ended with thunderous applause.

We were impressed by the coherent management and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere among the students. There was a lot of laughing, playing music and talking. Happy and enriched, we drove home after our three-day stay.

Gerhild und Christoph Hagen


«Thank you very much for these 2 days! We just had a summer 2020 highlight with this trip. Totally enjoyed every minute. Wow. Really perfect and every person on the team is SOOOO NICE !! The place is unbelievable, these views are almost ‘Too much’ for the eyes – too good to be true!

The atmosphere is so warm and cozy, the food was great and the audience so receptive! ”

Elina & Denis, Musiker


“From the Rigi, the Queen of the Mountains, I enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding area and the sounds of the piano, harp and alphorn remain particularly fond memories.”



«So many emotions, so much pure beauty, so much good vibes, bundled in one place. I think I’m in a dream where dream becomes reality. ”



«Thank you for the hospitality, the warmth and wonderful music. That is good for body and soul. The wonderful view contributes to it. ”

Shiva und Rolf


“Three days full of mountain air, refreshing concerts and a wonderful atmosphere.”


«I feel very well in this lovely and warming house, thank you all the staff for the kind welcome.»



“Culinary & musically a treat! How beautiful was the evening here”.

Edith, Fabienne, Joséphine, Sarina, Mirjam, Regula


“It was a pleasure for us to play at the Klanghotel Bergsonne”

Danz Zhu (Violine), Diemut Poppen (Viola), Danjulo Ishizaka (Cello), Wolfgang Lehner (Cello), Andrea Lötscher (Flöte), Matan Porat (Klavier)


“Thank you very much for your great love for music”

Wolfgang Lehner, Cellist


«Many thanks to everyone for this friendly welcome and the wonderful musical atmosphere. It was a great pleasure to play in this place »



«Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great project, your warm hospitality and the touching musical accompaniment; grace tanto! »

Claudia und Katharina


“Very nice location, very warm welcome, beautiful musical evening in the company of young talented musicians”



“Magnificent place in the heart of the mountains. Offering a concert under these conditions is an opportunity for every musician. ”

Antoine Olivier, Pianist) und Polona Pockai, Oboistin


“We feel honored that we can accompany the culinary and musical highlights with our wines from Vitznau.”

Noldi und Charlotte Küttel,  Weinlieferanten